Deer and Squirrel Scare Each Other

A lot of the time animals arrive at the feeder at the same time. Mostly one or the other leaves until the other one moves along. This time these whitetail deer and the black squirrel were giving eating together a shot. Well, mostly trying to give it a shot. They didn’t actually eat together.

While they seem to be fairly certain that neither one is a real threat they’re still pretty cautious of each other.

The young deer seems to wonder where the squirrel got to after he climbed the tree. The clip doesn’t catch how it comes down. There’s another tree right beside that one and it’s a pretty good guess the squirrel jumped over to the other tree and then climbed down. Of course, the deer missed that part and is surprised to see him come back.

It looks like they came to an agreement that it’s safe to eat beside each other – for about ten seconds anyway.

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