Black Bear and Raccoon

This trail camera clip is taken at the cabin. It’s pretty far into the woods and I knew there were black bears in the area as we’d seen them a few times before.

I wanted to get some video of bears, just see what they were up to and if they would come to the feeders.
I got the feeders set up and put up a trail camera and then waited.

There aren’t a lot of animals that come around the feeder, lots of squirrels and blue jays, a few deer.
A couple, as in two, raccoons raided the feeder one night. It’s always nice to get a bit of variety on the trail cams, it certainly adds to the fun. They were happily munching away at the corn. Then one of them leaves. He didn’t look like he was in a huge hurry, but he didn’t dawdle either. There didn’t seem to be any reason for the other raccoon to alarm and it kept right on eating.

Until the bear showed up.
Hit the panic button!

I’ve got the trail camera set up to video for 45 seconds with a 10 second delay between video clips. So you do miss a tiny bit of the action in this one, but it kind of adds to the drama. You know the raccoon was eating corn at the feeder, but in the next clip it’s gone. And the bear shows up.

Where did the second raccoon go?

Not to worry, you’ll see her real soon, just keep an eye on the right side of the tree.

At one point the bear and raccoon stare at each other. I’m pretty sure the bear was way too lazy to do anything about the raccoon, but the poor raccoon couldn’t have known that.

This is one of the reasons I like to use video on my trail cams, this little adventure wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun if it was just photos of a bear and a raccoon.

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