Tastes Like Squirrel Butt

We’re having a little fun with the clips we caught on a trail camera in this video. A whitetail doe is munching at the ground feeder and she seems to find the taste a bit on the odd side. She keeps sticking out her tongue and licking at the snow.

The feeder is set up on the ground on purpose to give the squirrels and any ground feeding birds, that like corn and mixed grains, to help themselves.

There’s no rule, not that there would be any way to enforce it if there was, that deer can’t eat out of that feeder. It’s just a bit low to the ground and with the cover, a little hard for them to get to. We thought they wouldn’t be very interested in using it.

We were wrong.

It actually doesn’t slow them down at all. They like that little feeder. Even if they have to get bent out of shape to get to it.

We put the same feed into the upright feeder and it made no difference, the deer still liked the ground feeder. A few deer tested out both feeders. We’re not sure what the preference really was, they munched out of both of them so maybe a thumbs up for both.

This doe’s reaction was funny though. It was as if she wanted to wash off the taste. She did it a few times and then seems to leave in disgust.

Something tastes funny

I check the feeders when I fill them and make sure they’re free of any bird or squirrel poop, so we’re not quite sure what all the tongue sticking out, and snow licking is about. Maybe she’s just a super picky eater. Or she likes a bit of snow with her cracked feed, it looks a bit dry.

At any rate we have a bit of fun at this young doe’s expense.