Does Behaving Badly

When we think of deer, especially does, we picture a gentle loving creature. Those big brown eyes are so filled with love we could just watch them all day and smile.

Except that isn’t always the way it is. They get in bad moods just like every other living thing out there.

And luckily we had trail cameras out to catch them at it.

Here are a few video clips of whitetail deer behaving badly. Not just the singles either, we catch does treating their fawns in a less than loving and nurturing way.

Now, we get that there is a survival thing going on all the time with wild animals and they’ll fight over territory, especially one with a good food source. Deer aren’t any different than any other wild creature trying to make their way. I was a bit surprised to see them being rough with their babies though. I guess you just think they should put their young first. Clearly that’s unrealistic.

There are a lot of does that come to the feeders in singles, or does with fawns. You sort of expect the does to share with the fawns. For the most part they do, but there are those occasions, or those does, that have a ‘me first’ mentality going on. They get pretty rough with the youngsters.

Some fawns are tough. They get their noses in the feeders and not much is going to move them, not even mom on a rampage. Others stay on the side waiting for a chance to get to the corn when everyone else is done. They even stay behind to eat by themselves while mom wanders off.

Here’s a little glimpse into the lives of deer. It’s not always like we would like to think of it. In the end everybody gets a few nibbles and no one seems to be really hurt.