Three nervous turkeys

Scared Wild Turkey Hens

  These wild turkey hens were very nervous coming through. They didn’t actually stop and visit the feeder at all. They stopped a few times and looked right into the camera. It seemed like they knew it was watching them and they didn’t trust that it was safe.  

Doe eating corn

Whitetail Deer Visiting Feeder

  After all the other deer seem to have left the feeders for the summer season, this single doe is still visiting.  We think she might be pregnant and we’re hoping if she is, she brings her fawn around for a visit when the time is right for her. We’ll definitely keep you posted if … Read more…

Elk cooling off

Jasper Cooling Off

Jasper, our bull elk, cooling off in his temporary pond. We went from a cold, wet spring to full blown summer in about twenty-four hours. It was a bit of a shock and he’s feeling the heat. He’s working hard on dropping his winter coat and looks scruffy right now. Under all that wool he has … Read more…